Sunday, April 23, 2006

Doyle's in re-election trouble

I know Jim Doyle is hoping that Bush's low poll number will help him get re-elected. Guess what, Governor Doyle? George Bush is not on the ballot this November- YOU ARE!

Check this out from the Washington Post, Doyle is in the top 5 for goverships at risk of changing party hands-

5. Wisconsin -- Jim Doyle (D): The last time we ranked the top ten gubernatorial races, we said that "the lone bright spot" for Wisconsin's incumbent was the fact that Republicans faced a competitive September primary. Uh oh. The decision by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to drop out of the contest in favor of Rep. Mark Green clears the Republican field and further endangers Doyle. Controversy continues to dog Doyle regarding alleged no-bid contracts being awarded in exchange for donations. Polling shows Doyle mired in the low 40s -- a worrisome sign for any incumbent less than seven months from an election. (Previous ranking: 7)

I was disappointed to see Scott Walker drop out of the race, but I don't believe I realized how much he sacrificed for the state of Wisconsin.

Thank you Scott Walker- you can bet that this conservative will not soon forget what you did for our state!

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BBG said...

I disagree. Doyle is NOT in troble with a war chest of 10 million of his own play for pay money. Add to that the millions from the 3 T's. Trial lawyers, Teachers and the new big player the Tribes.
No wonder Doyle will NOT except Green's offer to limit spending to $1.00 for every man, woman and child in the state. A mear 5 and 1/2 million. Doyle could'nt win a crooked election spending so little.