Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tough version of TPA fails miserably

The tough version of TPA failed miserably. 32 yes 66 no

The Assembly is currently back in caucus, attempting to come up with a plan to salvage the state only tax restrictions.

Before we get too upset about this- don't blame the 1st district Republicans. All except one of our Republican 1st district representatives voted "yes".

To each and every one of the "yes" votes, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your vote.

Thank you to Rep. Kerkman, Rep. Vos, Rep. Lothian, Rep. Gundrum, Rep. Nass, Rep. Stone, Rep. Gunderson, Rep. Honadel. You all, truly represented the taxpayers of the 1st District.

Also, from the list in the previous post- I would like to thank Rep. Hundertmark also. We know that Rep. Hundertmark is not in the 1st District, but we love her so much down here that we have adopted her as one of our own. Go Jean Go!

The only "no" vote was Rep. Towns. Perhaps an explanation is in order from Rep. Towns? The taxpayers of the 1st District will be waiting for your response(err... excuse).


BBG said...

I wish to add my kudos to the First District elected who voted in favor of the taxpayers.

Also kudos to the people reading this that actually got off the dime and contacted our District people in Madison.

They heard YOU and voted that way.

Second: Some say a half loaf is better than no loaf. I'm am wondering if that is true in this case.

K. Carpenter said...


A half loaf is better than no loaf, if you are starving. The Wisconsin taxpayers are starving, by way of over taxation.

I would have preferred the entire loaf, since I have already paid for that loaf over and over again.

BBG said...

Hey there K

After really looking over what was once again done TOO the tax payers this is not even a half a loaf.

It is NO loaf at all.

If what was passed was already law it would have saved us almost NOTHING as the limits in this are so high and set on personal income growth that even at the spending binge the state has been they would have NOT exceded the limits.

As passed it would have done NOTHING in the pass and only makes it easier to raise and spend more money in the future.
Not the kind of loaf I'm interested in.

This DJ said...

Let me write the Rep. Towns excuse for you.

"I'm not in the Charlie Sykes influence."


"Oh, and then there's that pesky fact that I'm in a 54% Dem district, and I vote business, pro life, anti labor and anti public schools 90% of the time..."

I mean... there's that.

K. Carpenter said...

Hey- I was just working with you "half a loaf" quote.

Down here in Kenosha, we got the double whammy. One from this TPA mess and one from the teacher's union KEA/WEAC. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

That'll be tomorrow's blog.

BBG said...

WEAC eh??? The PROOF of teachers being all about teachers even made talk radio Friday.

Kenosha claim to fame is it was used by a talk show host as PROOF of "it's all about the teachers" and has NOTHINBG to do with the kids or the taxpayers.