Thursday, April 27, 2006

A message from the GOP 1st District Chair and Vice Chair- Bob Trapp and Bob Geason

This is a timely message from the two Bobs from the First District GOP, Bob Trapp and Bob Geason.

The Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Act is supposed to come up for vote on Thursday April 27th in the State Assembly. This is our chance to lobby our legislators to vote for limits on how fast government can grow on an annual basis.

We don't know how else to put this but this is crunch time. We all whine and complain about taxes in the state BUT FEW IF ANY have actually made their views known where and when it counts. Well it's time for us to be heard.

We have heard people complain about runway property taxes. On Thursday, you have a chance to do something about it. To be real upfront about it….If you don't call, then stop complaining about taxes.

We know that's a pretty direct approach, but so far we have heard little or no response.

The game is on the line. YOUR paycheck is on the line. How much more personal can it get?? Even our local guys that are on board with the TPA need to hear an encouraging word from us. Reach out across the state to friends. Ask them, tell them, beg them to call and TELL their representative they expect them to vote in favor of the strictest of Taxpayer Protection Amendment law possible and let’s get government spending under control.

Bob Trapp- First District Chair
Bob Geason- First District Vice Chair

Our State GOP Legislators Phone Numbers

Rep.Vos 1-888-534-0063

Samantha Kerkman 1- 888-534-0066

Thomas Lothian 1-888-529-0032

Stephen Nass 1 -888- 529-0031

Debi Towns 1-888- 534-0043

Jean Hundertmark 1 -888- 947-0040

Jeff Stone 1-888- 534-0082

Mark Gundrum 1 -888- 534-0084

Mark Honadel 1-888- 534-0021

Scott Gunderson 1-888- 534-0083

Call one. E-mail one.

Call them all. E-mail them all.

These are in our area. I don't know how much easier we can make it.
It's time to be heard. Let YOUR voice be heard.

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