Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Call your legislator- support the Taxpayer Protection Amendment

Here we go. This is the moment of truth. The Taxpayer Protection Amendment is scheduled for a vote on Thursday, April 27 in the State Assembly.

If you are not exactly sure how the TPA will work, click on the link for a straightforward, easy to understand explanation.

Call your legislator. Ask him or her to vote for the Wisconsin taxpayer. If you are not sure who your state legislator may be, click on the following link to find out-

If you already know that your legislator will vote in favor of the TPA, call them anyway and still show your support.

1 comment:

BBG said...

Well all you ppl in Kenosha your Dumb o crat representatives did what you would expect of them.

Being for big government and more spending voted against the tax payers.

And you all vote for them???