Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Potluck Protection Act of 2006 (By RYAN J. FOLEY, AP Writer)

I read this article in the Kenosha News written by the AP, and I was not sure if I should laugh or cry. Then, I got angry....

Is this really why we send our elected officials to Madison?

From the article-

Saying residents don't need the government intruding on their spaghetti dinners, Gov. Jim Doyle signed a bill into law Tuesday exempting potluck meals from state public health regulations.
Rep. Barbara Gronemus, D-Whitehall, served up the bill last spring after she heard anecdotal reports of overzealous health inspectors threatening to shut down the community meals at schools, churches and union halls. Lawmakers of both parties lined up to get a piece of credit for protecting what they described as an American tradition.

The worst thing about this, is that no one can figure out why our legislators wasted their time-

The bill had confused health inspectors who said they already did not regulate potlucks and could provide no examples of meals ruined by regulation.

Jim Clark, past-president of the Wisconsin Environmental Health Association, said the new law would have no practical effect. Potlucks already are not regulated, he said, and health officials can still stop people from serving unsafe food to the public.
"If there was confusion, it does provide that much clarification," he said of the bill. "But I know a lot of people around the state in public health and none of them had any confusion on this issue."

Check it out, there was even opposition to the bill-

His group and others representing public health officials dropped their opposition to the bill after lawmakers removed an exemption for potlucks held at taverns. Meals at taverns should be inspected, Clark said.

Really, do we need our legislators and our Governor wasting valuable taxpayer's dollars by spending their time working on protecting our potluck dinners?

Don't get me wrong, I like a potluck as well as the next person. But was it necessary for our legislators and our Governor to protect our right to potluck????

Good grief! Perhaps now, our Governor and our legislators should get back to worrying about the TPA, and protecting the Wisconsin taxpayer.


jeff said...

If you want to talk about a waste of legislative and taxpayer/voter time, I would nominate the proposed state Constitutional Ban on Civil Unions and Marriage.

Talk about legislation and amendment in search of a non-existent problem.

Bob from Salem said...

Why should we be surprised?

I can sleep so much better knowing that potlucks are protected from health inspectors!

Perhaps Doyle received permission from WEAC and the trial lawyers to sign that bill.


BBG said...

ok people how about the good side. If (soon to be X governor) Doyle is busy with potlucks then he will have less time to ask for travel gate money or give out no bid $600 million dollar contracts for a putor program thats FREE on TV. I say keep him busy with potlucks. It will save us taxpayers lots of money.

K. Carpenter said...

Good idea, BBG- keep the governor eating!

Republican teacher said...

Well at least he actually signed a bill - TWO in a day, he'll need to take some time off now you can be sure