Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We wouldn't want to enforce the laws, would we?

I know that I should be surprised, but when it comes to the immigration debate, nothing surprises me any more.

It appears that Kenosha news is encouraging illegal immigration. There was a story in the K-News today, discussing the fears that some have had over rumors of immigration raids. Of course, instead of the K-News supporting the immigration laws, they are encouraging breaking the laws. This is on the front page of Kenosha News today:

Who to Call

Residents who are concerned about suspicious activity regarding immigration ENFORCEMENT can call:
Voces de la Frontera at 619-4180 or (414) 643-1620
La Campeona at 635-1460

Huh? If we are suspicious of “immigration enforcement”? This doesn’t say if you are suspicious of illegal immigration activity to call. No instead, the K-News is telling us to do is call if we suspect some time immigration enforcement will be taking place, then we should call. Basically, give the illegal immigrants a head’s up that something bad might be happening.

Of course, this isn’t the real kicker. We have been given 3 phone numbers to call if we suspect some form of “immigration enforcement”. Guess whom else we are supposed to call:

Kenosha Police Department at 605-5200

Huh? If we suspect some kind of law enforcement taking place in our community, we are supposed to call the police? Why- doesn’t the Kenosha Police Department want to stop illegal activity in our community? From the looks of things, it appears that the Kenosha Police department is not the least bit concerned about lawbreakers in our community.

Clearly the Kenosha News and the Kenosha Police Department have decided that immigration enforcement is a bad thing. How pathetic is it that our very own police department is not the least bit concerned about enforcing the law? God forbid our law enforcement officials at the police department actually try to enforce the law. Makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Kenoshan, we all know what a liberal rag the Snooze is. Their little meter on the front page to show us how balanced the columns are is a joke.

It does not suprise me at all that the Snooze would tip off illegal immigrants that the INS was in town.

Last note: After 20 odd years as a suscriber, I've let my subsctription lapse. With the exception of sections C and D, I really don't miss it.

jeff said...

The problem can come if the enforcement goes too far. That is goes beyond targeting those who are here illegally. Any enforcement done by ICE should be done in a way that doesnt compromise those immigrants who are here legally or Hispanics who are actually US citizens--whether naturalized or native-born.

Also there are reports out of Milwaukee, confirmed by ICE, that there is a small group of people dressed like immigration officials who are going around in predominantly Hispanic areas and even into churches and trying to intimidate people.