Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is a total bummer (sarcasm)

Aw bummer, Hillary's poll numbers are collapsing-

Rasmussen Polls-

April 19, 2006--Just 26% of Americans say they will definitely vote for Senator Hillary Clinton if she runs for President in 2008. That matches the lowest level of support ever recorded for the former First Lady and is the sixth consecutive Hillary Meter poll showing her solid support below 30%.

The number who would definitely vote against Clinton in 2008 rose a couple of points in our latest survey to 41% (see trends).

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Senator Clinton's effort to shift perceptions of her politics towards the center have stalled as well. She is viewed as politically liberal by 47% of voters while 35% see her as politically moderate.

In January 2005, 51% saw Clinton as politically liberal. She moderated her image in the early part of last year, but the number seeing her as liberal has not consistently dipped below the 45% range.

Collectively, today’s Hillary Meter places Senator Clinton a net 58 points to the left of the nation's political center. Two weeks ago, she was 56 points to the left of center.

Election 2008

If Hillary Runs?

Definitely Vote For 26%
Def Vote Against 41%
Depends On Who She Runs Against 26%

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