Thursday, April 20, 2006

Will they ever get it together?

I am getting awful tired of the battling in Madison over taxpayer protection. First we have several forms of TABOR which were vetoed, then we switch over to a state constitutional amendment called the "Taxpayer Protection Amendment".

Now, a couple of Republican legislators have decided that they do not want a constitutional amendment, instead they want to go back to writing a law again.

Read this article.
The Republicans are now working against each other??????

This is ridiculous! Will our Republican legislators ever work together and get something accomplished? We send these guys to Madison in hopes that they will work together as conservatives, for the common good of this state.

Why can we not get some caps on spending in Madison and some taxpayer protection? It is time. The republican legislators have played around long enough. It is time for them to pull together and work together for the citizens of Wisconsin.

In the words of Larry, the cable guy- "Get 'er done!"

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BBG said...

IF and it's a big IF people where not so lazy and actually did someting beside whine. Like maybe call their elected??? Call ALL the elected. Let your voice be heard not just in the coffee shop but in the ears of the people in Madison something might actually get done.

Just a thought.