Saturday, April 22, 2006

Blog world is going wild about CIA leaker!

Not since Rathergate have I seen the blog world go this nuts over a single story. Of course, what is not interesting about this saga? We have CIA spies, politics, the WH, and conspiracy theories popping up all over the place. A real live novel is developing before our eyes.

Here is just a few links to the blog world, where this story is playing out-

Michelle Malkin

Captain's Quarters

The Jawa Report

The Strata-Sphere

Expose the Left



Mark Levin

Right Wing Nuthouse

I could go on and on, but this is enough reading to keep you busy for hours. Just in case you run out of stuff to read on this subject- check out the Free Republic website. The Freepers have a lot of interesting pictures and articles in their posts.


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Kate said...

I could have sworn I heard a small snippet somewhere that the powers that be in the EU had not been able to find those so called secret prisons. Something about if they are there, then the Americans are doing a really good job of hiding them. Did I hear incorrectly?