Sunday, April 09, 2006

And so, the battle begins

I thought long and hard about the topic of my very first blog post. (About 5 seconds) What topic is fresh on everyone’s mind? You got it, last Tuesday elections.
Let’s start with the good news first. Al Ferber was elected to serve in Somers. Mr. Ferber has been a quiet, dignified, fiscally conservative leader in the Somers community for many years. The good news is that Mr. Ferber will continue his fiscally responsibly ways and be an immense asset to the Somers community. Congratulations to Mr. Ferber and the community of Somers.
Another piece of good news, Judy Rossow was re-elected to serve as Kenosha’s 2nd District County Supervisor. Mrs. Rossow, another fiscal conservative has worked very hard to control taxes and still pay off the county debt. Congratulations to Mrs. Rossow, we look forward to your leadership on the County Board for the next couple of years.
Of course, not to be forgotten- re-elected to the KUSD School Board were Pam Stevens, Marc Hujik and Eric Olson. In years past, watching the KUSD School Board in action literally left a person feeling dizzy. Olson, Stevens and Hujik have been a steadying force on this school board that was desperately needed. Congratulations to all three, thanks for your tireless service to the kids in our district.
Now on to the bad news, the really, really bad news! The big KOPS lie won and they won big. Pleasant Prairie taxpayers took a huge hit in Tuesday’s election. How can a manufactured lie by the incumbents win them re-elections? Well, stay tuned tomorrow for the answer to this question.


Finally getting it right said...

Kenosha is on the move. It is great to see fiscal conservatives getting into office.

Common Sense said...

The Democrats are still the leaders in Kenosha County and will remain that way for years to come.

Not anymore said...

Are you getting nervous, Common Sense?

BBG said...

Hey common sense the winds of change are blowing. Kenosha is coming out of the dark ages of the dems and into the light