Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why am I not surprised? Doyle shows up in Lake Geneva and discusses increasing taxes!

I know this may not come as a shock to some of you, but Doyle showed up in Lake Geneva last Thursday and promptly began discussions on increasing the sales tax for Lake Geneva. Doyle took one look at beautiful Lake Geneva and the $$$$$ signs started showing up in his eyes.

Doyle: Lake Geneva area has value as a tourist attraction

ELKHORN - The need for the greater Lake Geneva area to be classified as a premier resort area, which would allow municipalities to collect a special sales tax, was one of the issues discussed Thursday as state officials fanned out across Walworth County.

A special sales tax? You know, not only tourists, but real Wisconsin people live, work and play in Lake Geneva. How does this effect them? These people shop at the local shops, they frequent the local restaurants, they rent boats to fish on the lake and just for fun, they stay at the fancy hotels for an evening away from home. Not all of these people in Lake Geneva are rich tourists. Why in the world would we want to hurt these locals, by charging them extra sales taxes.

Why does Lake Geneva "need" to collect more money from the locals?????

Lake Geneva is beautiful and the locals have made Lake Geneva a real tourist attraction over the years. Why should they be punished for making their community so beautiful?

The locals are living and thriving in the beautiful community that they created. Let's not drive the locals out of Lake Geneva and hand the community to the tourists. The locals created beautiful Lake Geneva, let's not take their community away from them, just because our Governor sees big fat tax $$$$$ signs in his eyes.

What the Governor "needs" to do is leave Lake Geneva alone! Let those people that created this great tourist attraction, actually enjoy their own community!

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BBG said...

Doyle like Feingold care about only themselves. It has NEVER been about the people of this state.
I have no problme having the people from south of the border to pay their share when they come use our resourses but care nothing about the locals. Just the money and themselves.