Thursday, January 28, 2010

Was the SOTU a game changer?

Obviously, last night's speech was really big as far as the future of the President's agenda.

The President needed to settle down wobbly Democrats and get them back on his agenda. The Republicans needed to stop being bashed so they can climb on board at least with the ideas they have in common. But probably more important is that the President had to reach the Independents again and get them back on board with his agenda.

So do you think that the President got Independents back on board?

Clearly the Independents have been calling the shots in elections.

Do you think that those people in Massachusetts last week are back on board with the President?

I think if people are honest they would say that the President did not get the independents back. The President made it very clear that he is forging ahead with his same agenda. Yes, he is putting jobs first, but he did that last year also. Remember the stimulus, that was first. This year, another stimulus. Will it work?

Do you think anyone in the state of Massachusetts last week would change their vote today?

Of course they would not. Don't tell that to the liberals, they are too busy being inspired.

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