Monday, January 04, 2010

TARP= Democrats slush fund

Yes, the Democrats will be pushing another stimulus bill. They, of course, will not call it a stimulus bill. Instead the President and the liberal Congress is calling it a "jobs bill".

Yes, the first stimulus at $787 billion was not enough of a failure, the Democrats now want another $100 billion of your money to create jobs.

Let's see. I thought the first $787 billion was for job creation, at least that is what we were told by the President and liberal criminals that run his Congress.

Of course, these liberal criminals in Congress are trying to fool the American people into believing that is really will not cost them a whole lot more money, because they plan on using TARP funds.

The Troubled Asset Recovery Program funds would be used to pay for not only an extension of unemployment insurance but also transportation and infrastructure projects. House leaders are discussing attaching this jobs bill to an omnibus appropriations bill.

Now surely the President would not along with this, would he? After all, President Obama certainly would not go back on words from last year's campaign, would he?

Candidate Barack Obama Sept 19, 2008

...this plan must be temporary and coupled with tough new oversight and regulations of our financial institutions, and there must be a clear process to wind down this plan and restore private sector assets into private sector hands after restoring stability to the system.

I have a sneaking suspicion that instead of winding down TARP as the President extolled last year is not going to happen. Instead, these TARP funds have now become a slush fund for Democrats to take and use the money how they wish.

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