Monday, January 11, 2010

Rebecca Kleefisch announces her candidacy for Lt. Governor, kinda

I just received this in my email box. I could not be more excited at this pre-announcement.

It's finally 2010! We truly have the opportunity to make this a "Happy New Year" with big changes in Madison.

When I first introduced myself to you via e-mail, I sent you a link to my video blog, my Youtube Channel called "RebeccaForReal". That's how I'm known on Twitter and Flickr, too. It's because in the world of politics, I think there are too few willing to be just that--real. With me, what you see is what you get: a dose of kitchen table common sense from a marketing contractor/TEA party speaker/political watchdog/mom!

That's probably why I was approached last May to run for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin. Combine my private sector marketing expertise with our future Republican Governor's public sector success and you have a ticket with broad life experience, and the best CEO and VP of Marketing Wisconsin could get! That's how I see these jobs: while the Governor fixes the business climate of our state as our CEO, we need our Lt. Governor, our Marketing VP, working on the marketing efforts to let job creators know, "Wisconsin is open for business again!"

I'm writing you now to let you know that I have filed my papers to become a Lieutenant Governor candidate. I would love to meet you personally and, if you allow it, speak at your Lincoln/Reagan Day functions or others where you allow candidates to talk. Would you please e-mail me the dates of events like these on your county's calendar?

In the meantime, please continue to look for my new video blogs, released every Thursday on Youtube. When I officially launch my candidacy, the videos will also be available through my website. When that happens, I'll be sure you send you a headshot and a link in case you like to post those on your website or Facebook page.

I can't wait to get to know you and earn your support--and your vote!


Rebecca Kleefisch

Here is a link to Rebecca's You Tube channel


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca Can you send me a link so I can post it on to my facebook page to let people know to vote for you and to help you.

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