Thursday, January 21, 2010

Right out of the chute, Dems propose massive debt increase

$1.9 Trillion

Yes, the Democrats want to increase our nation's debt ceiling by another $1,900,000,000,000. This allows the Democrats to borrow another $1.9 Trillion so they can spend more money.

If Republicans attempt to stop the $1.9 Trillion, America will default on the loans President Obama has taken out on our behalf. Remember, he did it for our own good.

Of course, the media, ever the defenders of Obama, are making excuses:

The record increase in the so-called debt limit is required because the budget deficit has spiraled out of control in the wake of a recession that cut tax revenues, the Wall Street bailout, and increased spending by the Democratic-controlled Congress. Last year's deficit hit a phenomenal $1.4 trillion, and the current year's deficit promises to be as high or higher.

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