Thursday, January 07, 2010


Yeah, come on Democrats!!! The President's campaign promises on transparency were nothing more than a campaign tool. A false promise made to get elected, nothing more than that.

Even the media is starting to react to the false promise from President Obama:


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Cafferty on CNN goes so far as to call the President a liar:

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President Obama hasn’t even made a token effort to keep his campaign promises of more openness and transparency in government. It was all just another lie that was told in order to get elected. The head of C-SPAN wrote a letter, asked Congress to — quote — “open all the important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings, to electronic media coverage” — unquote. When White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked whether the administration would support televising the negotiations, he refused to answer, instead mumbling something about, well, I haven’t seen the letter.

Byron York from the Washington Examiner shows Robert Gibbs attempting to spin his way out of the clear lie told by President Obama.

If the public wants to know why President Obama didn't keep his pledge to hold televised health-care negotations, they'll have to look for answers elsewhere. The White House isn't talking.

Still, the White House, Reid and Pelosi still push forward, completely cutting the American people out of the process.

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