Saturday, January 09, 2010

How did we get here?

The staggering games being played by the Democrats is not only stunning, but beyond the pale.

We all know that the Democrats in the Senate need all 60 Democrat votes to pass the health care bill that America is firmly against.

One of the 60 votes is in jeopardy right now. After Ted Kennedy's passing, the governor of Massachusetts appointed a Senator so the US Senate still had their 60th vote. Problem was, the state of Massachusetts had changed the law back in 2004. A Senator had to be elected in a special election, not appointed.

Massachusetts had changed the law back in 2004 because they hoped Senator John Kerry would win the election and they did not want the Republican governor to appoint a Republican. So the state of Massachusetts took the power away from the Republican governor.

Basically the Massachusetts legislature changed the rules again so that the Democrats would still get their 60th vote.

Still the special election was forced to move forward because of state law. That election is to take place on January 19th. The Republican in the race is currently surging in the polls. This is a threat to that 60th vote. The Republican has promised to vote against the bill.

Yesterday, the Democrats in Massachusetts have promised they will not seat the new US Senator, if the Republican wins, until after the health care bill has passed. The Democrats will not seat a new Republican Senator until after they get the votes they need.

Boston Herald

Today, a spokesman for Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin, who is overseeing the election but did not respond to a call seeking comment, said certification of the Jan. 19 election by the Governor’s Council would take a while.

“Because it’s a federal election,” spokesman Brian McNiff said. “We’d have to wait 10 days for absentee and military ballots to come in.”

Another source told the Herald that Galvin’s office has said the election won’t be certified until Feb. 20 - well after the president’s address.

Of course, the Democrats had no problem seating the new Congressman from NY 23 when they needed his vote to pass health care in Nancy Pelosi's House.

Amazingly, the Democrats are not even hiding their thuggery.

The Democrats will defy the will of the people and commit any crime necessary to pass this thing.

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