Saturday, January 16, 2010

I do not think they get it

Whether or not Scott Brown wins on Tuesday, even the most non-partisan person has got to be wondering where the heads of the Democrats are at.

Do they not see that even a tight race in Massachusetts means that America has turned on the Democrats/President's agenda?

There is a real and legitimate uprising taking place all across this country in an attempt to stop this President's agenda.

Today, thousands of people will be at another Tea Party in the dead of winter in Wisconsin. Do the liberals not see why people are doing this?

The uprising is here and it is now.

The Democrats can keep telling themselves that it is the evil insurance companies that are behind this, but they know they are wrong. The reality is that no conservative has handed as much power to insurance companies as these Democrats are doing right now.

The Democrats have mandated that every single American hand money over to the insurance companies. The Government mandate in this bill is the biggest boondoggle for insurance companies in the history of this country.

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