Monday, February 02, 2009

The Palin Blizzard

The woman was in Washington for 36 hours. That is it!

36 hours and the hysteria was stunning!

The blizzard of inaccurate and false reports made in just a 36 hour period is stunning enough, but the fact that she gave no media interviews during this time, makes you wonder how accurate the reporting was.

In that 36 hours she was accused of all sorts of interesting items. Life was rather entertaining in those 36 hours.

The Associated Press once again misrepresented her position on the stimulus. The AP and others, including Fox News, so badly misrepresented her position on the stimulus that her office had to release a statement on Sunday to once again correct the record. Super Bowl Sunday and she has to send her people into work to clean up the mess.

Governor Palin is still the fiscal conservative we thought she was, despite the media reports:

The governor continues to express concerns first identified in a Jan. 7 letter
to the Alaska congressional delegation about the overall level of spending and
the hugely increased deficit our nation is growing. Under the legislation, the
U.S. would continue sending money to OPEC nations even as it continues to borrow
and miss opportunities to develop domestic supplies of energy.

As if that were not enough, just wait some of the rest of this stuff.

You see, there is a volcano getting ready to blow in the state of Alaska and there was some hysterics on whether or not she should leave the state during this very difficult and trying times. Of course this volcano is pretty active and that it will blow whether or not she was in town or not.

My guess is that some of those folks making hay about her leaving when a volcano was about to blow are probably just wishing Governor Palin would fling herself into the volcano and put them out of their misery. Don’t do it, Governor!

I get so disgusted just reading the ADN, that I have decided I just better not do it. The ADN is the paper of record in Alaska; it is the Anchorage Daily News. Every once in a while, I do pick up on the ridiculous things said by the ADN on the blog, Conservatives for Palin.

Conservatives for Palin are documenting yet more stupidity for Alaska’s paper of record:

DOWN -- Gov. Sarah: How ya gonna keep her down in Juneau after she's seen D.C.?
SarahPAC, Alfalfa Club dinner and rumors she'll appear with Springsteen at the
Super Bowl. The lady was Born to Run.

DOWN -- Gov. Sarah: There's a little grumblin' that the Belle ain't really mindin' the store. And just what is it about the Alfalfa Club dinner that's good for Alaska?

Um, rumors she will appear with Springsteen? Yeah, that is a match made in heaven. Mr. Super lib, a washed up has been from twenty years ago, is not at the top of too many people’s list these days. Anyone who caught his performance yesterday realizes the guy cannot sing, dance or otherwise entertain. And he is considered an icon?

If the ADN didn't notice, Governor Palin announced she was going to Washington, DC. Never did she say she was going to Tampa, where the actually Super Bowl was being held.

On another note, perhaps the ADN should have paid attention when the President of the United States announced that he was going to the Alfalfa Club dinner. Not a bad place for the governor of the state of Alaska to be.

The ADN guys keep getting goofier and goofier. I cannot believe the ADN can be considered a serious news’ organization any longer. For heaven’s sake, these are the folks that still are wondering if Trig Palin is really the governor’s son or if he is Bristol’s son, even though this is not mathematically possible.

Just so the ADN is not standing alone looking foolish, the Alaskan state legislators thought they would get in on the Palin bashing act. Seems they are very upset of the fact that Palin is just not the same Palin they all knew and loved before she became the vice presidential candidate on the GOP ticket. You know how they know she is not the same woman??? Apparently Governor Palin and Piper no longer walk around and pass out bagels to the state legislators.

I am not kidding!

This is what one of the state Democrat legislators is complaining about.


“There were days when she walked around the building with (her daughter) Piper
handing out bagels. I think those days are gone,” he added with a touch of

Rep. David Guttenberg, D-Fairbanks

My goodness, no more bagels? Heaven forbid!

Admit it, these goofs are behaving like children.

This is the same type of behavior we see take place all over America on a regular basis. You see a 5 year old standing at the screen door wailing, because his Mom went out of town for the weekend. You then see that child throw himself onto the front porch making sure the entire neighborhood sees his wailing. You, of course, are concerned and run to check on the five year old. You ask him what is wrong.

Apparently his mommy left him and there are no bagels to eat.

You, of course, look up and see the babysitter standing in the window rolling her eyes, wondering how long they will have to deal with this over the weekend.

Mommy Governor Palin was only gone for about 36 hours and the 5 year olds decided to misbehave again.

The good news is Mommy Governor Palin is home and the panicked 5 year olds can go back to sucking their thumbs and pouting. In fact, she was back in Alaska before the Super Bowl even started or the volcano blew. Whew! That was close.

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