Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I blame the media

For two years, Obama got a pass. For two years, Obama never had to prove that he had the competence to be President. We know Obama did not have the experience, but never did he have to prove that he could handle the job.

Instead, Obama was hailed as the next great President, like Lincoln or Reagan. Well, the Lincoln and the Reagan talk has disappeared now and even Obama's fawning media elites are beginning to question Obama.

After two weeks of being president, when even the New York Times is writing articles question what is up with the ethical challenges in the Obama administration, you know you have a problem.

This is a horrible start to the Obama presidency. It is hard to see how it can get much worse. Except it can get worse...Obama may actually sign a bill trolling through Congress right now called the "stimulus". Now that the bill is in the Senate, instead of fixing the problems, they are making it worse. The bill has now climbed to $900 billion and counting.

After only two weeks of the Obama presidency, a majority of Americans believe the stimulus will make things worse in the country. See Rasmussen Poll.

Two weeks!

How does that happen? How is it even possible to lose that much support in just two weeks?

Congress, that is how!

I am not even sure if America yet comprehends the mistakes that have been made by the Obama administration, but the day is coming very shortly that we will.

Victor Davis Hanson expounds on the mistakes

The impending Obama meltdown

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