Saturday, February 28, 2009

Iraq, Obama and Bush-Sound strangely familiar?

I believe the extreme lefties have picked up on it, and now a couple of outsiders are figuring it out...

Some of the words coming out of President Obama's mouth during his big announcement of withdrawing troops sound strangely familiar:

Troop withdrawal beginning in 2010

Majority of troops out by middle of 2010

Residual forces left behind for Iraqi stability

Residual forces out by the end of 2011

Events on the ground will dictate the exact timeline for withdrawal

Sound strangely familiar?

Yep- this does sound familiar. In fact it sounds like the plan laid out in the Status of Forces Agreement signed by President Bush and the Iraqi government in December.

There are plenty of anti-war lefties coming unhinged today because of Obama's big announcement yesterday.

I can understand why the lefties are coming unhinged...

President Barack Obama's plan is President George Bush's plan. There is just a different signature at the bottom of the page.

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