Monday, February 09, 2009

This is why we do not want to give government more money

Here is another perfect example of why Americans do not trust their government with more money.

These same county board members that continue to give this consultant more and more money for doing nothing, while whining and begging at the taxpayer trough for bailout (stimulus)money.

Daniel Bice:

But the biggest job the task force has created so far is a $248,000
consulting gig for a previously unemployed political type.

Under a no-bid contract, Gerard Randall is pulling down $12,000 a month
from the county tax levy to offer advice to the task force headed by Supervisor
Elizabeth Coggs.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who continues to take a beating for not wanting any stimulus money, actually attempted to veto some of the spending for this program. The county board supervisors overrode his veto.

Isn't this game getting old?

Aren't we tired yet of pouring millions upon millions down the drain even as the goofs in Washington and Madison insist that money is desperately needed to create jobs?

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