Thursday, February 05, 2009

Democrats: Voters are stupid

Representatives Kessler and A. Williams proposed ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTION 6 and it has been referred to committee on Elections and Campaign Reform. AJR6 proposes a constitutional amendment to how Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justices are elected.

AJR6 changes the constitution to the following:
It also requires the governor to appoint, with the advice and consent of the senate, justices of the supreme court for ten−year terms. At the conclusion of their terms, the terms of justices would be automatically renewed unless they are rejected in a reaffirmation vote by a vote of at least 13 of the members of the senate.
If the senate does not reaffirm, the governor would be required to appoint a new justice. Previously elected justices whose terms expire two or more years after ratification will serve out the terms for which they were elected and may be reaffirmed for additional terms by the senate. Previously elected justices whose terms expire less than two years after ratification may stand for reelection in the final year of their terms.

So Wisconsin's Senate and Assembly Democrats don't want us to vote for our Supreme Court Justices. (Can we consider that voter suppression?) There are only two reasons why they would not want the people electing these officials.

1. They think the voters are too stupid to elect the right person. (As in a liberal Democrat who likes to legislate from the bench.)

2. They are sore losers. They are still crying about Ziegler and Gableman beating their liberal justices.

Would the Democrats support this idea if a conservative like Scott Walker were governor? I doubt it.

Once again liberal Democrats prove they don't care about what the voters think, only about what they think.

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