Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We are the Dairy State and we are getting milked

I know we are the dairy state but is it necessary to milk the taxpayers like we milk our cows?

Apparently, Governor Doyle and the Democrats controlling both the Assembly and the Senate seem to think that we, the taxpayers, are cows and they plan on milking us for everything we have.

Our Governor, along with our state legislators, created a massive deficit with increased spending as in every single department. Now, this year alone we are $593.8 million in debt. Between 2009 and 2011, the state is $5 billion in debt.

So how does Governor Doyle and the Democrats, who currently control everything in this state, plan on fixing the $593.8 million deficit?

Why, they are going to milk the taxpayers of course!

Once lawmakers solve the shortfall through cuts and tax and fee increases, they will have to begin the even tougher process of addressing a deficit of more than $5 billion that runs from mid-2009 though mid-2011. Doyle will unveil his plan for doing that Tuesday.

You have to love the way that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just matter of fact states “tax and fee increases” as if it is no big deal.

Inefficient and ineffective governance has been the hallmark of the Doyle administration. Clearly there is no change planned in the near future.

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