Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tax increases on steroids

Clearly , Our Democrat governor and his Democrat controlled state senate and state assembly are on the tax increase 'roids again.

Think of the tax increases we have learned about in the last several days. From last night:

The tax increases include: $540 million paid from oil company profits; $318 million by creating a new 7.75% tax rate for the richest 1% of taxpayers; $290 million in higher taxes on cigarette smokers; $215 million in higher corporate income taxes; and more than $85 million paid on capital gains.

Let we forget, just a few days ago, the budget repair bill also increased additional taxes on business, hospital taxes and increased internet taxes:

The bill would:
• Tax parent companies and their subsidies as one entity. The rewrite of the corporate income tax code would cost businesses $215.7 million over three years.
• Tax hospital revenue to bring in more than $900 million in federal dollars, some of which will be used to pay for state health programs.
• Cut state spending by $125 million.
• Change tax laws to require online retailers to charge sales taxes for tangible products as well as Internet downloads of songs, video games and e-books.
• Authorize $300 million of federal stimulus funding for shovel-ready transportation
• Provide $3.6 million for worker training programs.
• Increase regulations to protect homeowners and tenants during foreclosure proceedings.

We have got to be pushing close to $2 Billion worth of tax increases in the last week handed down to us .

There went your $13 a week given to you by Barack Obama.

No stimulation here people, move along.

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