Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Again with the GOP Governors and the stimulus

I cannot help but notice that the main stream media is once again attempting to pull the GOP into the mess of a boondoggle with them.

New York Times

My guess is that the main stream media is desperately attempting to provide cover for President Obama and the Democrats when this plan fails.

Otherwise, who gives a rip if the any GOP elected officials actually support the stimulus? Seriously, if this moment is really the celebration for Obama and the Democrats that the media keep telling us it is, why give any of the GOP governors any props?

Clearly the mainstream media must believe like the majority of Americans believe…either this stimulus will do very little or it will hurt us. Per Rasmussen, 53% believe it does nothing or will hurt us, 38% of voters believe it will help us.

What I do find very interesting about this article is the names that are missing from this wonderful list of GOP governors that supposedly support President Obama’s stimulus?

Names like:

Governor Sarah Palin
Governor Mark Sanford
Governor Bobby Jindal
Governor Haley Barbour
Governor Rick Perry

Obviously the implication is that all GOP governors support a bailout. That is far from the truth.

In fact, the NYT speaks about 14 Democrat governors and 4 “wise” Republicans acknowledging how brilliant and wonderful Obama’s plan is.

Recently, Governors Schwarzenegger, Crist, Douglas and Rell joined 14 Democratic governors in signing a letter to Mr. Obama lauding his economic plan.

I believe that we still have 50 governors(or 57 if you are Obama) and a majority of the governors did not sign on to Obama’s brilliant plan. Not even a majority of Democrats signed on???

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