Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's newest spending bill- $410 billion

The $410 billion more dollars is just to finish funding government until the end of September of this year:

WASHINGTON — A $410 billion spending bill unveiled in Congress on Monday includes at least $3.8 billion worth of funding for the kinds of lawmakers' pet projects that President Obama has pledged to trim from future budgets.

The bill is meant to end a budget impasse left over from last year, after President
Bush threatened to veto the Democratic-controlled Congress' plan because of its cost. It would fund most federal agencies through the end of the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. Those agencies are operating under a congressional extension of last year's budgets that expires next week. Congress approved full-year budgets last fall for only three departments: Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs.

Of course, it is packed with earmarks, almost another $4 billion is pet projects.

But, but, but... I thought hero Obama was supposed to cut earmarks. That's what he PROMISED!

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