Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wisconsin Integral in Steele's RNC Win

Many may not know it, but Wisconsin played an integral role in getting the new RNC Chair, Michael Steele, elected.

RPW Chairman Reince Priebus was the Steele Campaign chair.

“Today the Republican Party took a major step toward renewal with the selection of Michael Steele as chairman of the Republican National Committee. I believe in Steele’s ability to move our party forward and I am extremely proud to have led his successful campaign for chairman.

Michael is committed to our conservative cause, has strong leadership skills and the ability to connect with and energize our grassroots supporters. Our core fundamental principles remain strong and mirror those of the majority of Americans so we must improve our outreach efforts in order to grow as a party.

Michael Steele will be a great new voice and outstanding leader for the Republican Party. As we work diligently to take our message to the people throughout Wisconsin and America, I look forward to continuing my partnership with him and at the RNC.”

-- Reince Priebus

Priebus is leading the RPW and a key player in the RNC's new direction of bringing our Conservative values back to the GOP.

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