Friday, January 16, 2009

Walker Rally

I attended the Conservative Young Professionals "Happy Hour" last night, even though I am neither young or professional. BUT I did want to show my support for Scott Walker. His views of what needs to happen in this state and country to fix the problem with the economy, taxes, budget deficits, etc. is refreshing. It's great to know there's someone out there who believes in Reagan's principles that actually work. Not throwing money around in the name of "economic stimulus" that will not solve our problems.

Someone asked what's a good bumper sticker slogan for the people that support Scott Walker's conservative ideas. I thought of a few:

Liberals like to throw around the "F word" - FREE. Their most popular one right now is Free Healthcare. Guess what? It's NOT free, your taxes are paying for it!

I think Scott Walker epitomizes this one, and he's getting beat up by union lemmings and the like for not compromising.

What would Reagan do?
Raise taxes? NO.
Increase spending? NO.
Propose a $800 billion bailout package that won't work? NO.
What Reagan did worked. Why don't liberals want to admit that? Because if they cut taxes and give you more of your money, they'd lessen their control over you and decrease their power.

I think this one sums up Scott Walker's beliefs. You can't compromise your principles for anything, even possible millions from the government. I know Kathy learned her lesson on this one with the auto bailout.

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