Friday, January 02, 2009

I know the fastest way to fix this Blago mess

No need to worry about the Blago mess.

You could instantly end the Illinois state legislature's impeachment process.

Fitz could stop wasting taxpayer dollars with a long and drawn out investigation into Blago/Rezko/Obama...

Obama can go ahead and fire Fitzgerald, which I am certain he wants to do. After all, the Fitz investigation is getting awful close to Obama.

Harry Reid and the other Democrat Senators will not have to worry about seating someone they do not want to seat.

The Democrat Party will no longer have to live through the daily embarrassment of supporting and defending the corrupt politicians they have elected.

Rahm Emanuel can finally come out of hiding. (I have never ever seen a chief of staff to the most powerful person in the world run and hide as much as Emanuel)

The racial divide and racism in the Democrat Party can once again fester underground instead of in the full view of the media and America.

There is one simple fix to this entire mess:

Blago needs to conduct a complete and thorough investigation on himself. Once he has cleared himself of any and all wrongdoing, he is once again free to appoint anyone he wants to the position of senator.

(Hey, it worked for Democrat Obama!)

See- problem solved!

I was discussing this idea with one of my most favorite liberal friends yesterday. He was not as entertained by this notion as I was. Amazingly he is still drinking the kool-aid. He pulled the typical liberal response by trying to change the subject to George Bush.

Hey liberals, that little stunt isn't going to work anymore. George Bush did not crawl out of the cesspoll of Chicago and Illinois politics, Barack Obama did. Now what are you going to do?

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