Sunday, January 04, 2009

Powerful Black Activists threaten Democrat Elected officials in support of Burris

Just to add to the saga of Democrat scandal taking place in Illinois over Obama's senate seat, powerful black activists are threatening to campaign against anyone standing in the way of Burris being seated as a US Senator.

About a dozen black activists said at a Chicago news conference Friday that despite the legal cloud the governor has the legal right to appoint Burris. They also say Burris is highly qualified.

William Walls of the Committee for a Better Chicago warns that if Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White doesn't certify the appointment and if Sen. Dick Durbin doesn't support Burris, then activists will work to defeat them in upcoming elections.

I was wondering where Dick Durbin was in the middle of all of this. Apparently his senate seat is being threatened if he does not support the Burris appointment.

The Democrat Party and Barack Obama have played the race card on numerous occasions to win themselves seats they would not otherwise deserve.

Now we are seeing what happens when the race card is being played against the Democrat leaders of this country.

Of course playing the race card against Harry Reid is not fair. In my opinion I don't believe race ever entered the mind of Harry Reid when he called Blago.

I guess it is only proper to welcome Harry Reid to the Republican world of racial politics. For decades now, Republicans have been wrongly and unfairly accused when it came to racial politics. About a year ago, Republicans also had to welcome Bill and Hillary Clinton to the world of racial politics. They too, along with their supporters, were wrongly accused of racism.

Dick Durbin and any other Democrat senator standing in the way of the Burris appointment will be accused of racism. That is just the reality.

I think Reid was more concerned about having a strong "D" at the end of the person's name when he called Blago. I also don't believe that Reid was concerned about qualifications or what was in the best interest of the people of the state of Illinois. Harry Reid is more interested in hanging onto Democrat party power than he is the people that these senators serve.

Harry Reid is all about partisan power and not people.

In fact, Americans are getting a clear view of the newly elected Democrats that will totally control this country in the next few weeks.

With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that these Democrats are not the least bit interested in serving the people that elected them. The Democrats are more interested in the power they have over the people that just elected them.

Oh the irony of this fiasco. Barack Obama's election was supposed transcend race. Instead, even before Obama has been sworn in, the racial lines and the racial tensions have once again exploded. This time it has exploded in the Democrat Party.

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