Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our Governor is begging Americans for a $1 Trillion bailout

After posting about this 5 days ago, we knew this was coming.

Madison - Gov. Jim Doyle joined four other Democratic governors Friday in calling for a $1 trillion federal economic stimulus package that would include $250 billion for education.

Doyle and the others - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, New York Gov. David Paterson and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland - said in a conference call with reporters that federal assistance for education is essential to avoid deep cuts in cash-strapped states.

Specifically, they said they want a $1 trillion, two-year package that consists of:

• $350 billion for road and other infrastructure projects that could quickly put people to work.

• $250 billion to pay for education costs - from preschool through college - that are currently covered by states.

• $250 billion for Medicaid, unemployment insurance, welfare and other assistance programs.

• $150 billion - or more - for middle-income tax breaks.

Governor Doyle, along with 4 other governors are begging for $1 trillion in bailout money.

These 5 states alone are asking for $1 trillion.

These 5 governors and states have so badly mismanaged their money during the good times, that when the bad times hit, they have been caught billions short of what they have budgeted for.

Think back to a year and half ago, Jim Doyle was threatening to shut down state government because the Republican assembly was attempting to stop the billions of dollars worth of meritless increased spending.

Yet, during that last year and a half we have multiple abuses of taxpayer dollars.

And yet, due our liberal governor, NOBODY IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

For example, the governor likes to panic people when it comes to spending on education, but we have seen so many horrifying abuse when it comes to public education.

"If we have to make (deep) cuts in education, we will see a great falloff in the quality of our schools," Doyle said. "If we have to make similar kinds of cuts to our university systems, we will either see a great restriction of university education for people or such a soaring tuition level that ordinary, hardworking families will be unable to afford college education for their children."

Education spending????

We have increase education spending in this state by billions of dollars here and we are still left with a second rate education.

Look at Milwaukee for heaven's sake. More tax dollars are poured into Milwaukee schools than ever before.

Now, with the help of Patrick at Badger Blogger and Citizens for Responsible Government, we are seeing exactly the millions upon millions of dollars wasted in our school systems, especially the Milwaukee school system where a majority of our state tax dollars are poured.

Billions of dollars of waste has been exposed and yet, there goes Governor Doyle running to the Feds with his hand out.

Jim Doyle and the Democrats have been given free reign over our pocketbooks for the next two years.

The question is- are you going to finally hold Jim Doyle accountable for his irresponsible spending of tax payer dollars? Are you going to question every single financial blunder? Are you going to question ever single dime these guys spend?

Jim Doyle has taken irresponsible government financial management to a whole new level of $1 Trillion!

Good to know that our governor is leading the "bail us out" legions.

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