Monday, January 26, 2009

Still think Obama is going to lead from the middle?

Hey conservative elitists and moderates, still convinced that Obama will lead from the middle????

Less than a week in office, our new President has given terrorists at Gitmo the same rights as every American citizen. Not to mention, he has promised to close the prison in a year- where are the terrorists going to go?

What do you think? Should we release them all in DC, they can live right next to all of the Democrats running the place, huh?

I am guessing that some of you must really be loving paying for abortions in foreign countries, huh? That is really middle of the road, right? Darn it all, it is not like we are having a nationwide financial crisis or anything???? We have plenty of money to pay for abortions in foreign countries.

Oh, today’s little gem… Obama decided to impose green restrictions on our automobile industry. Didn’t we just bail out the automobile industry? Well, I am thinking that there is no faster way to kill our US auto industry than Obama imposing mandates that the automakers cannot possible adjust too in the next year and a half.

Hey autoworkers, this was your guy…you voted for him! When you lose your job, don’t blame me, blame your new “governing from the middle” President, okay?

But, hey Obama believes in state’s rights, that is why he did this.

Hey…how about the newly imposed socialism package known a stimulus? Not to worry people, Obama will “create” a job for you, dictate your health care and take away those nasty SUV's you should not be driving anyway. Too bad you will have to sacrifice your freedoms and your future for that job, but hey... Obama scoffed when he was called a socialist, so he must not be one.

How about nominating a tax cheat to lead the IRS and then trying to snowball people into thinking it is no big deal? The person picked to run the IRS is also supposed to lead us out of our economic crisis. How is he going to do that? Teach us all how to avoid paying your taxes?

Yep- leading from the middle!!!! That is our new president!

By the way folks, America just elected the most liberal President in American history. As he tells it, he was raised by a very liberal mother, launched his career in the home of unapologetic domestic terrorist, was a liberal state senator in one of the most politically thuggish environments in the US and was the most liberal Senator in the US Senate.

Well, conservative told us just to give him a what? You helped him get elected.

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