Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go get 'em Republicans!

We spend so much time beating on the Republicans, especially so over the last year.

Well, when we see them standing on the side of good, we need to cheer them on.

Sure it has taken them a little time to find there legs, but they are moving now...

Let me here you Republicans, can I get an AMEN on the following statement?

The counter-package would shift focus entirely from spending to tax relief. Though a full House vote on the Democratic package is expected in a matter of hours and President Obama said he's confident it will pass, GOP lawmakers are hoping their substitute proposal at least influences the final product.

I like this statement too:

"If government spending was going to get us out of this mess, we'd have been out
a long time ago, because that's all we've been doing," said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. "This is not going to work. That's why we've got a bill we think will work."

Too bad the Republcians did not figure this out in 2005, they may not have lost control of the House and Senate in 2006.

If the Republicans cannot get the Dems or Obama to listen to there plan, then every single Republican needs to vote against the Obama/Reid/Pelosi plan.

It is bad. The stimulus is nothing more that payback to their political friends and will not stimulate the economy in the least.

For more details of what is in the plan, visit Fred's blog.

You will especially like know that the Dems/Obama will be spending $726 for an after school snack program. Not dinner, lunch or breakfast...snacks!

Now I ask you- how many jobs will be created by children eating snacks?

Sorry-kiddies, Mom and Dad would be at home to give you your after school snacks and your condoms, but they are busy working overtime to pay for an extra $1.2 trillion dollars of Democrat/Obama debt!

I wonder if they will pass out the condoms and the after school snacks together? Boy that might save us a few million dollars!

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