Monday, December 29, 2008

What is our Governor doing?

Is anyone paying attention to what Governor Jim Doyle is up to when it comes to financing the financial mess our state is currently in the midst of?

Yes, we do know that Governor Doyle was one of the first governors to go running to Barack Obama demanding a bailout.

But did you know Governor Doyle and a some of his fellow democrat governors are requesting $250 BILLION is bailout money for education?

That is right! $250 BILLION!

I was reading this story on the Ohio government beggars in the Washington Post and tripped over this:

Third, in search of a palatable pitch to a Congress and nation numbed by the parade of rescue packages, Strickland is teaming with a handful of other Democratic governors to seek a $250 billion infusion for education. The group includes Jennifer M. Granholm (Mich.), Jon S. Corzine (N.J.), David A. Paterson (N.Y.), Jim Doyle (Wis.) and Deval L. Patrick (Mass.).

Seriously, $250 billion?

Where are we as taxpayers going to get another $250 billion on top of Bush's $700 billion and Obama's $1 Trillion?

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