Sunday, December 28, 2008

Does Barack Obama or a Rezko lawyer own the Obama home?

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This whole Rezko mess surrounding Barack Obama is getting very interesting. That should not be surprising since Patrick Fitzgerald handled the Rezko case and is now handling the Rod Blagojevich case.

According to World Net Daily, Barack Obama is not currently listed as the owner or the property tax payer for his home, at least according to Cook County records.

According to Cook County records, the Obama home is listed as being owned by William Micelli.

William Micelli is one of the Rezko attorneys working for Miner, Barnhill and Galland law firm. They were the attorneys that worked some of the illegal redevelopment deal for Tony Rezko.(now convicted)

Miner, Barnhill and Galland is the law firm that employed Barack Obama while Tony Rezko was bilking millions of dollars from taxpayers through the redevelopment projects.

I find it very strange that Barack Obama is not currently listed as the owner of his home.

This could just be a faulty records.

However, what is even more strange is that the Cook County Assessor's office has confirmed that the property tax bill for the Obama home is going to William Micelli, not Barack Obama or his mortgage company.

These are not just some unnamed sources making these claims. Normally I stay away from WND as a source of accurate information, but they are giving names this time.

Eric Herman, a spokesman for the Cook County assessor, confirmed to WND that the Treasurer's Office records were correct and that Miceli did receive the Obama property tax invoice by mail.

Once again, all of this could just be mistaken records and could have been easily corrected. The Obama home was purchased 3 years ago. You would think that by now, the records would have been corrected.

How much of this stuff is true or just mistaken records?

Does Barack Obama actually own his home or does Attorney William Micelli?

Who pays Barack Obama's property tax bill?

Why is Micelli refusing to answer questions?

Why is the Obama transition team refusing to answer questions?

Why is the Democrat Party refusing to answer questions?

Is it just a strange coincidence that the Tony Rezko garage continues to stink up Barack Obama's image?

What we do know is that the Tony Rezko case is not closed.

We do know that among many others, Tony Rezko bankrolled Barack Obama's political career for years.

Barack Obama did not bother to distance himself from Rezko until after he announced his run for presidency.

Rezko was already indicted when Obama purchased the 10 foot strip of Rezko land.

Yep-even a tiny bit of digging into Obama's past dealings produces all kinds of strange coincidences.

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