Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grab a barrel of popcorn, this is getting good

After Blago's appointment yesterday, the drama taking place down in Illinois is getting good. There are some benefits to working in one state(Illinois) and living in another(Wisconsin). You can get in on the gossip in both states.

Blago could barely contain his excitement, he knows he pissed off the Dems. Be honest folks, Blago literally bounced up to the podium to announce his pick.

Yesterday's announcement was topped off by Bobby Rush race baiting and proclaiming that this seat has to go to a black man.

This pick and the race baiting that went along with it makes it next to impossible to not seat this guy. The Illinois Democrats and the US Senate Democrats have now been struck by the race card that they have played so often against the Republicans.

The Democrats are now stuck between someone playing the race card and corruption. No matter what happens, Blago makes them all look bad.

What are you going to do? Deny this black man this seat?

I thought Obama was supposed to bridge the racial divide, now he is stuck in the middle of it. The Hill makes note of this.

Last night we were told that the Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State, a African-American Democrat, would refuse to sign off on the Burris appointment. Then we found out later last night that it really does not matter that Jesse White signs off on the appointment, it is still legal.

Then we move on to this morning when we find out that Roland Burris is doing some race baiting of his own:

In an interview Wednesday, Burris didn't back away from Rush's assertion. "It is a fact, there are no African-Americans in the United States Senate," he said on NBC's "Today." "Is it racism that is taking place? That's a question that someone may raise."

I wonder who that someone might be????

Also this morning we find out that Burris was not the first African-American asked to fill this position:

Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) would like to replace President-elect Barack Obama in the Senate. The appointment was dangled before him last Wednesday. He turned it down. We discussed why when we talked Tuesday night, hours after a defiant Gov. Blagojevich, facing impeachment for, among other charges, trying to sell the Obama seat, tapped former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris for the spot, touching off a racially inflammatory firestorm.

As America watches this massive game of racial politics, Republicans are wondering why Obama has a statement for this mess, but refuses to address the war taking place in the Gaza Strip.

Now that is leadership for you!

So are you guys keeping up? Is this the change you were looking for?

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