Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama's Chief of Staff spoke with Governor about senate seat

See the news report here

It appears from the report that Rahm Emanuel is the Obama staffer that was communicating with Blago.

The question is- why in the world is the Obama team even concerning themselves with who will replace Obama? You would figure they have plenty of other things to do.

I know that Obama was denying that he or anyone on his staff had anything to do with selling a senate.

Still, Obama's staff was clearly involved in the process of filling Obama's seat and they even had a favorite pick in Valerie Jarrett.

Obama's closest adviser clearly was involving himself with the process of replacing Obama.

Emanuel was uncharacteristically absent from Obama’s news conference this
morning. He was spotted two hours later in the lobby of Chicago’s City Hall. He
was there to listen to his two children performing in a concert with their
school, Anshe Emet.

Well, it appears that Obama past associations are finally catching up with him. But hey, it is too late.

If the media had done their jobs in the first place, we would not be here today.

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