Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. There is a Santa Claus. But in this time of economic skepticism, he has decided it is not worth the time and energy to make and deliver toys this Christmas.

Santa and the elves work hard 364 days a year, but since Barack Obama and liberal Democrats believe in the redistribution of wealth, they have decided to wait for their wealth to come in the form of a check from the U.S. Government. Why should they work hard when the government has decided to distribute the toys the way they see fit?

Santa, in an effort to instill values into children, had one requirement - be "nice". Now that requirement has been removed by federal law. It is too "harsh" to expect a child to be nice to others. A recent study had shown bad behavior is not the child's fault.

Another factor affecting Santa's decision was the cost of reindeer feed. With ethanol mandates requiring feed corn be used for fuel, he can no longer afford to feed Rudolph and his friends. With his alternative use for transportation unaffordable, Santa will be staying home.

Santa's decision was also influenced by the cancellation of Christmas. The liberal-left, in their quest to please the minority of citizens, has deemed Christmas “offensive.” Christmas has been canceled, along with "under God" being removed from the Pledge, "In God We Trust" being removed from all currency, and the "Ten Commandments" being removed from all public places.

So you see, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but because of Barack Obama and liberal democrats, he no longer celebrates Christmas.

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