Friday, December 05, 2008

Wisconsin's massive budget deficit

This is serious. I do not care how many different excuses Governor Doyle comes up with, there is no reason the state of Wisconsin's state deficit should be comparable to that of California and New York.

California and New York, people!!!

Arizona is expecting a budget gap in 2010 that will exceed 24 percent of
its general fund budget. Other states expecting huge budget holes include: New
York (20 percent), California (18 percent), Wisconsin (17.2 percent), Minnesota
(14.7) and Kansas (14.5 percent), according to the NCSL report.

Remember the budget battles between the governor, Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans were being lambasted by the media and by the Democrats for cutting costs for education(which they did not do), for cutting costs on healthcare (which they did not do), for cutting costs on environmental issues( which they did do). Absolutely everything the Republicans attempted to do was slammed by Jim Doyle and the Democrats.

After all, Republicans are evil and do not care about Wisconsin's children.

Do you remember those jerks last year screaming and yelling at the Americans For Prosperity conservatives who were in Madison protesting their government's horrifying spend and tax practices?

We were the evil ones as all of the state employees surrounded us and ran around the capital rotunda screaming about the evil conservatives.

California and New York???? This is what Wisconsin is now compared to.

2010 is the year to replace them all. Each and every democrat needs to be thrown out of office.

These people have stolen our future and our children's future for a couple of feel good programs that did nothing to benefit Wisconsinites.

Jim Doyle and the Democrats have thrown our money down an endless drain of worthless programs. Replace these politicians.

Hat tip Fox Politics.Net

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