Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kenosha Pints and Politics: Judge Randy Koschnick for Justice

You didn't think that just because the presidential election was over meant all politics stopped, right?

The next election cycle has already begun.

Judge Randy Koschnick is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court against Chief Justice Shirley "super liberal" Abrahamson.

I know the liberals are already boo hooing about money in politics and that there should be public financing only for these races.

Well, my answer to that is........ see Barack Obama and find out what he did concerning public financing.

The Kenosha County GOP Pints and Politics will be hosting Judge Randy Koschnick.

Come and see Judge Randy Koschnick speak on Thursday night in Kenosha at Pints and Politics. We meet at the Birchwood Grill at 7:00pm, across the street from the Brat Stop. The Birchwood Grill is located at 7515 125th Ave.

“The role of a justice is to apply the law; not make it. I pledge to not legislate from the bench."
~Judge Randy Koschnick

See you there.

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