Sunday, December 07, 2008

Obama's coattails

Lesson to be learned since the November 4th election:

Without Obama's coattails, there is no massive Democratic movement in America. To be certain, there was a Democrat movement in 2006. I am now convinced more than ever, this year's movement was an Obama movement.

Every race, holding an election after Nov. 4th, has gone to a Republican. But probably the biggest shocker took place yesterday in Louisiana. In a strong Democrat district located in the heart of New Orleans, an 18 year incumbent lost to a little known Republican.

Although Jefferson's political shortcomings were glaring -- he is awaiting trial on federal corruption charges, including bribery -- the demographics of the New Orleans-based district still appeared to make him an overwhelming favorite for re-election. Jefferson has been one of the senior African-American members of Congress, and the black-majority district typically gives Democratic candidates about three-quarters of its votes.

In another race in Louisiana, a race that Barack Obama was involved in, barely lost. Like Senator Saxby Chambliss, Republican Candidate John Fleming was up against the Barack Obama's Democrat machine. John Fleming barely pulled off a victory in a Republican leaning district.

Clearly, Obama definitely has coattails and the Democrats road them for all they are worth.

The opportunities for Republicans in 2010 is huge. Obama will have his own problems by that time. In a few short weeks, Obama will be running the country and there will be no more excuses that will be tolerated from the Democrats.

I don't care how many times the Democrats and Obama try and lower expectations and try to blame Bush, the Democrats and Barack Obama control everything and America knows it.

Now it is time to recruit GOOD republican candidates for 2010. People that actually have some values and are able to come up with some real solutions.

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