Friday, December 12, 2008

Mysteriously, the Rat sign disappears from Blago's alley

Mysteriously, the rat sign disappears from Blago's alley

A friend of mine had pointed out that there was a rat sign, which most Chicagons recognize, from the footage seen on TV of Blago entering or exiting his home.

Now, that darn rat sign has disappeared, but the actual political rat still lives in the home.

The photo showed Blagojevich next to a city sign that said, "Warning" and
"Target Rats" with a picture of a rat inside a red bulls-eye.

The delicious irony of an alleged political rat being photographed next to the warning sign about actual rats was apparently not lost on the governor, his family or staff.

Anyway, someone got a picture and it is pretty priceless:

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