Monday, December 01, 2008

Republican Kids

Sure, when Obama supporters are questioned about basic Obama policies and basic government, they make total fools out of themselves.

See this video...

When a 9 year old Republican girl at a Sarah Palin/Saxby Chambliss event is asked for specifics on why she supported Governor Palin, the 9 year old knew what she was talking about. See link

Another woman, Nicole Barnes, brought her daughter Kate Monahan, 9, a third-grader at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.

"I think this was a great educational opportunity for her to be here at such a critical time in such an important election," Ms. Barnes said.

Kate also voiced support for Mrs. Palin, adding, "I think her policies are good."

When the 9-year-old was asked for specifics, she said she supported domestic drilling and lower taxes.

You tell 'em kiddo!

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