Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters

I know that many folks are laughing today at the ridiculous statements made from the Obama supporters that seem to have no idea of the realities of America.

But let's be honest- the real reason many of these folks have no idea that the Congress is currently controlled by the Democrats is because that is what the media wanted people to believe.

The reason Governor Sarah Palin is considered to be a blithering idiot, is because that is what the media wants people to believe.

The reason the American people are completely ignorant of the truth about Barack Obama is because the media wants them to be totally ignorant.

The media decided what that they wanted Barack Obama to be president and then proceeded to tell any lie, hide the real truth and paint the picture they wanted America to see.

This year, more than any year, the media lost all credibility.

Most in the media are liars, cheats and thieves who stole the dignity of this country.

The question is will these liars actually pull themselves together and report the truth on the Barack Obama presidency or will they continue to cover up the truth?

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