Thursday, November 20, 2008

President Hopenchange

So much for change...

WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama promised the voters change,
but he has started his Cabinet selection process by naming several Washington
insiders to top posts.
Obama is enlisting former Senate leader Tom Daschle as
his health secretary. Hillary Rodham Clinton seemed more likely than ever to be
his secretary of state. Clinton is deciding whether to take that post as
America's top diplomat, her associates said Wednesday.
Obama is ready to
announce that his attorney general will be Eric Holder, the Justice Department's
No. 2 when Clinton's husband was president. Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of
staff, is another veteran of the Clinton White House.

Clearly, there is no hope for change.

I find it amazing that the AP has decided now to actually pit Obama's record up against his rhetoric. Perhaps the AP did not realize that Obama completely surrounded himself with Chicago and Washington insiders in his run for President. What made them think that he would change now????

Speaking of Chicago insiders, apparently Obama has picked Penny Pritzker to head the Department of Commerce.

The same woman who presided over a bank failure in Chicago costing it's customer millions.

But hey, President Hopenchange has already got his excuse lined up:

Obama's campaign notes that Pritzker stepped down as chairwoman of the
bank's board in 1994, seven years before it failed. She then went on the board
of the bank's holding company.
But a letter obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times shows that until the end, Pritzker appeared to be taking a leadership role in trying to revive the bank with an expanded push into subprime loans.
Pritzker wrote in May 2001 that her family was recapitalizing the bank, and she pledged to "once again restore Superior's leadership position in subprime lending." The bank shut down in July 2001.
Pritzker's attorney Kevin Poorman and Obama's campaign spokesman emphasized that not all "subprime lending" is the "predatory" kind that Obama and White House rival Hillary Clinton rail against. The kind of subprime lending Superior was doing in 2001 was not predatory, Poorman said.

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