Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And people think Sarah Palin is an idiot

There is something wrong with this headline from the AP:

Obama promotes fiscal restraint, big spending

Fiscal restraint and big spending???? How is that possible?

Funny thing is, that is exactly what Obama is doing. Obama plans on spending alot of money and showing fiscal restraint also.

A day after introducing the captains of his economic team and promoting a giant jobs plan, Obama on Tuesday was to lay out his budget belt-tightening vision. The dual images — big spender and disciplined budget watcher — were designed to give both political and economic assurances to the public, the Congress and the financial markets.

Of course these things do not match up, but hey it is Obama... so the plan must be brilliant, right?

The reality is, Obama has no clue what to do...he is just saying anything right now, hoping that he is guessing right.

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