Sunday, November 09, 2008

Elitist Republicans vs. Working-Class Republicans

We could not have worked any harder than we did, but the outcome was set in stone the day the stock market headed south.

The question is “Where does the Republican party go from here?”

I think the direction we need to move is very clear. It is time for us to retake our Republican Party.

Over the last 10 years, the elitist Republicans have taken over the Party and the Working-class Republicans have been virtually ignored.

So what is an Elitist or Working-class republican?

Elitist Republicans (Belling likes to call them “Country Club Republicans”):

These people do not necessarily have money, they just have that typical know it all attitude. Similar to Democrats, they insist on telling a person what is best for them. Rarely can you find an elitist Republican standing on any principles. In fact, it is very difficult to figure out what their principles are because they continue to shift depending on who is standing next to them within earshot distance.

Elitist Republicans insist on reaching across the aisle. Clearly their first priority is making sure that they do not make anyone angry, lest they not be invited to the Holiday party or the weekend elitist cocktail hour.

Don’t ever question the elitists Republicans, they immediately invoke the name of Ronald Reagan, and begin whining that you are attacking them.

If there is actually work to be done, normally an elitist Republican is nowhere to be found.

Elitist Republicans are like Democrats, they try to buy elections. They have no message that they can clearly define. Since they have such difficulty standing on any principles, they are willing to sacrifice their integrity and say anything to get elected.

The elitists do not inspire, they have no message, and they have no courage.

Example elitist Republicans: Mitt Romney, Tom DeLay, Kathleen Parker, Rep. Jeff Wood, and Peggy Noonan

Working-class Republicans:

These folks are not necessarily all working class, some are doctors, attorneys, business persons, it is just an attitude. For the record, the elitist republicans call the Working-class republicans, rednecks.

The Working-class Republicans actually do the hard work. They are not afraid to get in the trenches and do battle on a daily basis.

You will find the Working-class republicans flipping burgers at county party picnics or staying hours and hours into the night filling our paperwork as they desperately fight for a victory that seems so far away. They spend much of their free time pounding in yard signs, dropping lit, knocking on doors and making tens of thousands of phone calls.

Working-class republicans stand on their principles of God, guns, and small government. They don’t apologize for being conservative. They are often accused of being “out of the mainstream”. Amazingly, the Working-class republicans are a majority of the Republican Party, yet they have been pushed to the side and treated as if their opinions don’t count.

Often times, the Working-class republicans are told to sacrifice their principles in order to get the Elitist republicans elected to office. They have been told to just shut up because the elitist republicans cannot afford to fall out of favor with the Democrats.

Example Working-class Republicans: Governor Sarah Palin, Congressman Paul Ryan, Writer Byron York and Writer Thomas Sowell.

I guess the easiest way to tell the difference between the Elitist Republicans and Working-Class Republicans is this:

Elitist Republicans value power over principles.

Working-class Republicans value principles over power.

Well, as a Working-class republican myself, I have had enough. For too many years the elitist republicans have dictated that we sacrifice our principles in order to remain in power.

Personally, I am sick and tired of defending elitist Republicans as they are indicted. I am also tired of defending elitist Republicans against ethical charges. It is true that many good and decent working class republicans also have the fingers pointed at them by unethical democrats, but you can usually tell the unethical Republicans and the ethical ones being falsely charged.

I am wholly convinced that it is the Elitist Republicans who once again bailed on their principles and voted for Barack Obama for President. If they wanted to hang onto any kind of power and continue to be invited to the important cocktail parties, they had to buddy up with the Democrats. No matter how unethical and immoral they would have to behave, they are willing to sacrifice their principles to stay in power.

Well, the unethical and immoral Republicans with their Democrat buddies won this round of elections.

I believe it is time to run the Elitist Republicans out of the party and build this party around our principles once again. Americans could no longer see the difference between Republicans and Democrats because the elitists’ among us acted very much like the Democrats.

We will take our party back and show American the real difference between Republicans and Democrats.

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