Monday, November 17, 2008

The reasons we love Sarah Palin

Clearly, the Democrats and the media do not get it, but there are a few lunkheads in the Republican Party that are struggling with it also, but there are reasons a large majority of the GOP have flocked to Sarah Palin.

Not only did the loss in this month’s election not destroy Governor Sarah Palin, she has actually gotten stronger.

Every media outlet is clamoring for an interview. Senator McCain has only been out once and that was on Jay Leno. We have not even heard a peep out of Joe Biden, the actual vice president elect.

The interviews have been sporadic for President elect Barack Obama, but that is typical of a president or president elect. They hold press conferences and rarely do interviews.

It must be driving the mainstream media absolutely nuts that less than a week after losing an election, the governor has been re-launched into the stratosphere.

The Governor was supposed to crawl away in humiliated defeat and hide away in the Alaskan tundra. She had been thoroughly repudiated by the mainstream media as a bubble headed evil conservative Christian woman. The media had exposed this woman to the rest of the world as a blithering idiot for not taking the smart way out of a difficult situation and just aborted her Down syndrome child.

No sooner had the media viciously dismissed her, than these same media personalities were digging through their own closets and drawers looking for their winter coats and their warm mittens because they were headed up to Alaska to beg for an interview.

So why did she not just crawl away?

And why in the world would she resurface so quickly after being dismissed by the media?

Well the answer to this question is a lot simpler than you would think.

It is about leadership and principles.

I know there are a couple of governors and even Newt Gingrich attempting to tamper down the buzz surrounding Governor Sarah Palin, but the people have already gotten a glimpse of the conservative movement and they will not be denied.

Governor Palin has her principles and she stands on those principles. This is real leadership. She does not falter and she does not compromise. The governor is unapologetically pro-life, pro-drilling, pro-God and pro-gun. But even more than the populist message, the governor is a fiscal conservative.

The governor has actually begun the process of stopping the earmark requests from the federal government and also cut the capital improvement budget since she has been in office. Something that is unheard of in our lovely state. WWIII almost broke out over a $5 Billion budget surplus. A surplus that she helped create by raising the rent that the oil companies paid to the people of Alaska for use of their natural resources.

Palin's stern veto pen at a time when the state is swimming in cash has helped
establish her credentials as a fiscal conservative, economic analysts here say
-- although critics complain that she has failed to use the state's
unprecedented oil bounty to help tackle perennial issues of domestic violence,
alcoholism and inadequate child healthcare."The surplus just seems to get bigger
and bigger," said Oliver Scott Goldsmith, head of the Institute for Social and
Economic Research at the University of Alaska. "The state is awash in oil
dollars, and the projection is that for the next few years we will have
significant surpluses over and above current levels -- in the billions of
dollars."Estimates of the budget surplus by early next year range from $5
billion to $9 billion, a huge amount in a state of 670,000 people. Spending it
-- or saving it for a day when oil is not so plentiful or expensive -- is one of
the central policy issues confronting the administration of Palin, the running
mate of Republican presidential nominee John McCain.The governor is facing a
dizzying array of requests from legislators to find a comfortable home for the
money, including technology upgrades in the schools, new surgical wings in
regional hospitals, fire stations and roads.

This is how you lead by example. Better yet, she not only did she slash the budget, she even put together this nifty easy to read chart showing exactly what she slashed, gave a reason for why she slashed it and gave the totals at the bottom. Why isn’t every state creating one of these easy to read and understand.

So as you can see, there are reasons far beyond her populist message for conservatives to embrace Sarah Palin.

But Sarah Palin is our only future hope, there are others. Congressman Paul Ryan is another. As a financial expert he will help the GOP navigate the mess we are currently sitting in right now.

With less than a year in office as the Governor of Loisiana, I am looking forward to seeing more out of Bobby Jindal also.

As we move forward, I am hoping that dozens of these types of conservatives begin to pop up around the country.

The party of old, washed up, moderate Republicans must come to an end. A party of principled ideology and dedicated public servants is where we are headed.

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