Monday, November 24, 2008

This is "hope and change"?

A couple of weeks ago, many of us were curious whether or not we had just elected another Jimmy Carter.

After only a couple of weeks of juggling his priorities, we actually see now that we have elected another George W. Bush.

I am serious folks.

The whole “yank the troops out of Iraq” has fallen by the wayside. Now Obama wants to increase troops in Afghanistan and raid Pakistan.

Bush tax cuts? Apparently the whole “stick it to the rich theme” was just a hoax. Just yesterday, Obama’s people were backpedaling as fast as they can.

Apparently, the Bush tax cuts may need to be extended, even for the rich. After all we cannot increase anyone’s taxes during these economic times. (When McCain made this same claim during a debate, he was considered a dolt and just pandering to the rich)

Bush deficits? Obama has announced a trillion in new spending with absolutely no way of paying for it. Previously, Obama had railed about these types of plans increasing the deficit.

Now, Obama’s plan of an economic stimulus looks like Bush’s plan on steroids. Why give only a Bush type stimulus plan of $250 billion when Obama can give away a $500 billion?

Is Bush’s growth of government too big for you? Good news, Obama plans to grow government even bigger giving away 2.5 million in government created jobs to build roads and stuff. Good idea?

I guess that all of you folks that voted for “hope and change” are left wondering like the rest of us. Where is the hope? Where is the change?

So far, Barack Obama has signaled that he plans on bringing neither hope or change to the table when he is sworn in this January.

Of course, even as I make the argument that Barack Obama is looking a lot like George W. Bush these days, the same argument can be made that Obama’s White House will look a lot like the Clinton White House.

I guess the Clinton’s really are winning back the White House, even if their names are not at the top of the list…

The Clinton Restoration. This is written by David Kahane over at the NRO.

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